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Coronavirus – Indomethacin to the rescue?

In the X-Files they said “the truth is out there”. What if it was, but it was being drowned in all the chatter about coronavirus? This morning a patient shared a research paper with me. It’s so relevant I thought I would share it with you. It’s a truth, it’s out there, but nobody seems […]

Guide to Coronavirus Medication Dosing

In the absence of either a vaccine or a proven cure for coronavirus, science is looking to repurpose some of our existing drugs. While these drugs are known to be safe in humans they can have side effects and can interact with other medication. HIV drug interactions can be checked here. While coronavirus is a […]

Coronavirus U-Turn: virus far worse than thought

Saudi Arabia stops Mecca pilgrimage, Japan shuts its schools, 80 per cent of Chinese exports are on lock down. Dr. James Freeman recants on his earlier article, affirms the global danger of Convid-19 and considers the potential impacts the virus will have for Australians and medicine supply. Dr Lance O’Sullivan and I appeared together on a breakfast TV show yesterday […]

China repurposes Kaletra to combat deadly Coronavirus

To battle the coronavirus emergency, Chinese government and medical experts are publicly backing off-label use of HIV medication Kaletra (Lopinavir/Ritonavir). In its updated clinical guidance, China’s National Health Commission says AbbVie’s fixed-dose HIV drug Kaletra is now recommended as a treatment for pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus known as COVID-19. This medication is inexpensive […]